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Post by Chartreusetea on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:10 am

Welcome to Let Me Fish Forums!
Here at Let Me Fish Forums, we strive to try to bring the very best to the table. As you may know, Let Me Fish Forums is intended to be a friendly and social fishing forum that anyone of any age may enjoy. That is why we expect our members to also bring the very best to the table. Here are a few rules that everyone must follow in order to keep a friendly and social environment.

Rule 1- No foul language that may be a direct attack on someone else

Rule 2- No racial comments. Here at LMF, we don't discriminate and will not stand for it.

Rule 3- When posting in The Shop, please make sure to state where you are located at and please do not post more than twice when trying to buy or sell an item.

Rule 4- No sexual harrasment of any kind.

Rule 5- Please limit the photo sizes, we do not need oversized pictures.

Rule 6- Keep signature pictures to a 150x150 pixels. Do not make multiple lines in a signature. Try to keep it all at one line.

Rule 7- Respect every member. All members on here should be given the same respect that you should be given.

Rule 8- Please post appropriate topics in the appropriate forums

Rule 9- Do not post any photos which may be too "adult". In other words, no naked pictures of any kind.

Rule 10- Please do not try to instigate any fights within the forum, causing arguments on purpose will not be tolerated.

Follow all rules and respect others.

-Let Me Fish Forums

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