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Post by Jirwin6985 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:07 am

So since ive been working alot lately ive been compiling photos of my fishing so i can just do one report.
Me and Mike decided to hit up a Scuba Run after work and try for some bass and crappie. Since we only had a short while to fish we mainly targeted bass. We both landed a few dinks and even a double header(both dinks) as we worked our way around the pond. As we came to the next clearing me and Mike Both through our lures in and mike gets slammed! After a breif battle He managed to wrestle the Monster to the bank. After weighing and measureing we found the fish to be 24 inches long and Weighed in at a hefty 7 and a half lbs Shocked Its safe to say that this is the largest bass ive ever seen in person before!
9/30-10/10 DSC00676
After that the winds picked up and we decided to pack it in shortly thereafter.
After our success last night we decided to try our luck again and fish most of the day. We arrived at scuba run around 6am and hit it pretty good for the next 3 hrs without a bite. Finally the gills showed up after awhile of fishing crappie and bass. And these were some big gills most pushing 10 inches. After catching about 25-30 gills i finnaly lad a crappie.
9/30-10/10 SANY0374
and a few more with gills mixed in
9/30-10/10 SANY0373
9/30-10/10 SANY0372
9/30-10/10 SANY0371
After landing everything but crappie..gills dink bass and whatnot he finally lands his first and only crappie of the day!
9/30-10/10 SANY0375
But he outfished me ten to one with gills and bass and i got my trifecta! Many Gills/crappie and bass!
Got together with Mike after work to hit the river for some smallies and couldnt buy a bite. Tried jigs/crankbaits/ and plastics with nothing to show for it..
Decided to hit skymount for some crappie since my work told me not to come in. Met up with Mike about noon to find that he had al ready came up with a crappie and a gill before i showed up. We worked our way around the lake and mike picked up another crappie and a gill. nothing worth pictures though. Trying to get out of the wind we fishing the other side of the lake and I came up with a dink bass and a crappie and Mike kept picking off gills.
9/30-10/10 SANY0384
9/30-10/10 SANY0385
Anywho I picked off another dink bass and lost about 10 bobbers into the trees as the wind was picking up so we decided to move again. Further down the lake me and mike must have missed about 20 fish a piece trying to get the get slack out of the line. we finnaly found the crappie again and i landed a few as did Mike. Crappie were all ten inches plus! All in all it was a good day and has been a good month so far. Diddnt get many pics of Mikes fish as they either kept poping of the hook at the last second or he diddnt want a pic. IM a picture hore Twisted Evil
9/30-10/10 SANY0386
9/30-10/10 SANY0388
9/30-10/10 SANY0387
9/30-10/10 SANY0383
Its always a pleasure getting together with you Mike now we just have to find some bigger crappie!

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Post by Chartreusetea on Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:30 pm

Wow thats awesome!! I like the coloring on those fish thats awesome!

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